2019 is the Bicentenary of St Matthew’s church, and we have started planning for it. We have a logo:

logo 200 JPEG

This was a document with some preliminary thoughts:

preliminary thoughts

There is now a planning group, headed by Nic Barnard and John Worthy. The minutes of their meetings are here:


bicentenary meeting 051218

Jason Kennedy, the Diocesan Missioner,came and preached on Advent Sunday, 2 December, at 10 am, and then lead a session to help us plan. His paperwork is here – DarleyAbbeyAnniversaryDiscussion

Please get these dates in your new diaries: Saturday 22 June, Sunday 23 June (when Bishop Jan is coming to our 10 am service), Monday 24 June (the actual anniversary), and Sunday 30 June (when we’ll have our United Fifth Sunday service at St Matthew’s).