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We started our planning in 2018. Jason Kennedy, the Diocesan Missioner,came and preached on Advent Sunday, 2 December, and then lead a session to help us plan. His paperwork is here – DarleyAbbeyAnniversaryDiscussion

The celebrations start with an organ recital “Bach and Baroque,’ advertised below. Then some artwork called “Fact and Fabrication, based on a weaving loom will be displayed in church during the fortnight beginning 1st April, when the church will be open for all.

On Saturday 18 May Peter has planned some Bi-centenary Railway Films, and on Sunday 19 May we are going to another Mill Church, St Mary’s in Cromford, for Choral Evensong (we haven’t yet agreed the time).

On Saturday 22 June, there will be a lunchtime barbecue with a bar in the churchyard, a spectacular display of artwork in the church by children from the village schools, a ‘historical timeline’ and guided tours showing church activities that took place under each of our vicars, some drama performances and a choir concert in the evening with the school and church choirs. The next day our 10 am service will be taken by Jan, the Bishop of Repton, followed by cake and cava, the church will be open all day and there will be a Choral Evensong in the evening. All are welcome.

The following Saturday 29 June, there will be a Community Association/ Historical Group exhibition in the Village Hall entitled “Who would live in a place like Darley Abbey,’ help with identifying who previously lived in your house and assistance with tracing family trees. There will also be a splendid WI Cream Tea. More refreshment follows the next day, with a Big Breakfast in the Fellowship Room, before a 10 am joint service at St Matthew’s with the choir and members of St Edmund’s Church congregation, to round off the main week of celebration. We plan to have the church open as much as possible during that week, with guided tours and interpretation guides, showing the origins and purpose of the internal features of the church, with a children’s trail and quiz. There are more things still at the planning stage, including Summer Songs at the Wine Bar, organised walks and children’s story-telling.