Forthcoming Events


BOTH bible course           BOTH bible course

AL sotw 211018 samaritans.jpg             AL sotw 211018 samaritans

ACT litter pick             ACT litter pick

AL variety evening 271018            AL variety evening 271018

DA concert 021118 001              DA concert 021118

samaritans pasta and pizza            samaritans pasta and pizza

BOTH all saints            BOTH all saints

BOTH all souls            BOTH all souls

DA remembrance            DA remembrance

AL remembrance            AL remembrance

AL edmund            AL edmund

Both dementia training            Both dementia training

AL poster for xmas market             AL Poster for xmas market 2018

DA safe families 251118             DA safe families 251118

BOTH advent sunday             BOTH advent sunday

DA advent bicentenary             DA advent bicentenary