Letters and Brochures

On this page is all the material we produced for our Stewardship Campaign in 2018.

On Sunday 4 March we had letters available for all those connected to Church. There were three versions – for PCC members, for regular attenders, for those who have been married or baptised here in the last year, and those who come to Kids’ Church. In all, 120 letters. It had taken a bit of work to get these lists together, and (despite several checks) we later found some people we had missed (we did have spares available). Those that weren’t collected were posted the following day.

1 original letter for pcc

2 original letter to ch attenders

3 original letter to bap wed kids ch

On Stewardship Sunday, 11 March, everyone received a pack (or it was posted over the next few days). It contained one of three letters:

4 letter st m st sunday pcc

5 letter st m st sunday planned

6 letter st m st sunday non planned

one leaflet highlighting what we did as a church in 2017 (which was produced from photos and text already on this website), and another about the finances:

DA life leaflet

my church my challenge my choice leaflet

a response card (one version for those who are already Planned Givers, another for the majority who aren’t), a reply envelope, and a leaflet from the Diocese about the Parish Giving Scheme:

response card planned givers

response card plate and other givers

and a Prayer Card:

prayer card

At the beginning of June we sent a Thank You letter to all those who had responded:

thank you letter st m stewardship