Railway Films

The Reverend W. Awdry, creator of “Thomas the Tank Engine” was once asked why there is a connection between clergymen and trains. He is supposed to have replied “The Church of England and steam engines are both the best way of getting you to your final destination.”

Peter the Vicar is a Railway Enthusiast, and every two months he shows railway and archive films in the Fellowship Room. They are not just for those interested in trains, there is lots of social history and memories too. Sometimes we have films on a particular subject or aspect of the railways, on other occasions we take a geographical area. We normally have two showings – 3 pm and 7.30 pm – and have tea/coffee, doughnuts and biscuits in the interval. There is no charge for admission, but we put a plate out for donations.

rly films january

We start our 2018 programme with two showings on Saturday 13 January. We will start the evening with snow, then move into summer – the pleasure of a summer holiday, by train of course. On Saturday 10 March we will move the freight, and on Saturday 5 May, as they prepare to dig Derby station up for several weeks this summer, we will see how they did engineering in the past.

Peter’s first show in Darley Abbey (in autumn 2016) was largely autobiographical, ranging from his childhood in East Anglia (diesel units across the Fens in the 1970s) to his time in the North East (George Stephenson and other pioneers). The second show celebrated Night Mail, eighty years after the film was made, the third Women and Holidays, the fourth took us to Scotland, the fifth to Wales, and the sixth (on Armistice Day) had a Wartime programme. The first session raised £130 for the British Heart Foundation, the second £200 for Changing Faces, the third £200 for the Children’s Society, the fourth £250 for Action for Kids, the fifth £220 towards new curtains for the Fellowship Room, and the sixth £140 for Action for Kids.



This picture shows a very young Vicar and his girlfriend on a Cambridge University Railway Club trip to the Cadeby Light Railway in 1983.