We take safeguarding extremely seriously in this parish. Melonie Hambly is the parish safeguarding officer, and her current work is to ensure that all our policies are correct, and that everyone has had the right checks and the right training to ensure that children and adults are safe.

If you’re worried that a child or vulnerable adult in this church might be suffering from some kind of abuse

  • DO NOT try to diagnose, investigate or sort it out yourself
  • THINK HARD about what it is about the child’s appearance or behaviour that is making you worried or suspicious
  • DO NOT promise confidentiality if someone talks to you about what might be abuse
  • DECIDE who you should Talk to, and
  • TALK TO THEM – within 24 hours

This flow chart, produced by the Diocese, lays out the procedure in full details:


Melonie’s contact details are 01332 743092 – Peter’s 01332 551404